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Integrated Systems




  • Universal Sensors and Transducers for industrial automation
  • Speed monitoring and measurement
  • Transformation of the signals of frequency imaging equipment
    (rotors, turbine, vortex, Volumeters flowmeter) to analog outputs
  • OEM versions on request



  • two switching points
  • hysteresis selectable in magnitude and direction
  • 4(0) – 20mA analogue output
  • graphical LCD display (increased temperature range, illuminated, units in the display, incl. super-bright signalling LED)
  • dialogue messages in the display
  • programming ring (can be operated when wearing protective gloves)
  • programming protection by turning through 180° or by removing programming ring
  • stainless steel housing
  • mineral glass (tempered, scratch and breakage proof) for covering the display
  • M12x1 connector system
  • system mounting to all HONSBERG primary sensors (rotatable)
  • compact dimensions
  • IP 67



  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output
  • switch or frequency output pnp, npn
  • LED switch indicator surround
  • hysteresis variable
  • switch on delay variable
  • switch off delay variable
  • delay subsequent to supply
  • high level of variation selection
  • easy programming using magnet
  • M12x1 connector system
  • identical handling of different sensors
  • system mounting to all HONSBERG primary sensors (rotatable)
  • stainless steel housing
  • compact dimensions
  • IP 67



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